8 Mogalakwena’s Embroidered tales of daily life

Unforgettable. September 2018-Mogalakwena, Limpopo, South Africa. We visited Mogalakwena, bought the embroidered panel as shown above and asked Esther and Elisa to tell us about it. See and enjoy the attached video. With grattitude to everyone of Mogalakwena.

Elbé Coetsee, founder and owner of Mogalakwena said: “The great value of these textile artifacts is that the women are really ‘sewing’ their history on cloth. [….] In the past, history and history books were written {…} mainly by men, but in with these embroidered textile books the history is written […] by women who […] tell their stories. The embroideries are their voices telling the world about their life, their culture and history.’ For more: www.mogalakwena.com.

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