iZArte Art Tours

In December 2019 we travelled with Marion Ellis, Owner of South African boutique travel company Cape Insights to Johannesburg and Limpopo to show her “our Limpopo” and introduce her in and to our network in Limpopo (art, artists, galleries, art centres, workshops, accommodations). Result: a unique, beautiful new tour: ‘Meet the Makers’. (31 augustus – 13 september 2020).

Cape Insights is a boutique travel company that operates special interest tours around South Africa for discerning visitors who want interactive travel, enlightening experiences, and enriching encounters.  Tours are designed to cover the cultural landscape: Food & Wine; Art/Craft & Design; Architecture such as unique Cape Dutch; Gardens and indigenous flora; History from the emergence of man to the dawn of democracy; Archaeology along with one-of-a-kind rock art.

We have been able to contribute to a totally new tour, in content and conception. It’s IZArte like in values and vision. Short lines, personal encounters and honest business.

Cape Insights is launching an art tour with an authentic difference.

’Meet the Makers’ is an eye-opener into South African creativity at vibrant urban and rural intersections. Designed to dovetail with significant art fairs and big-city culture in Johannesburg, and engage with creative artists in rustic locations around the Limpopo region.

Please look it over, see where it goes, who you’ll meet, and how it’s different. /

Or URL https://capeinsights.lpages.co/cape-insights-meet-the-makers-tour-2020/