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The times have changed, and it’s time for a new iZArte website. Gallery iZArte has closed down but our contacts remain. The iZArte art tours continue, just at a slightly reduced level. Our passion for and sense of belonging to South Africa also remains. We have built up a large network in South Africa and in the Netherlands, and we like to blog about things that catch our eye, including beautiful and inspiring news from South Africa. You can find these posts under the ‘Blogs’ button and on social media.

In 2018, we decided to also put our network and expertise to work for some nice projects/small businesses in South Africa. The keywords here are: art/craftart/artists, social impact and social entrepreneurship. One of these inspiring projects is Mogalakwena. The second project is Home of Hope for Girls. And perhaps more will follow. See for more: Projects.

You can follow all of this on the new iZArte website and through iZArte’s Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Are you interested in South African art, do you want to get in contact with one of the artists we know for example because you want to buy and artwork or because you want to organize an exhibition, or if you long to go on an art travel tour to South Africa, do not hesitate to contact us.