6 Large ‘Venda sculptures’

We are in possession of several so-called large Venda sculptures. We have moved into a much smaller place and no longer have a spot for these sculptures in our home. So, we are looking for a nice new home for these special sculptures, either a public place in a museum or restaurant or historic building, or on the private property of someone who really appreciates this work. We ideally wish to sell the pieces but would also be willing to negotiate a lease. The items concerned are wooden sculptures (approx. 120-180 cm high) by the artists Johannes Maswanganyi, Paul Manganye, and Noria Mabasa, and a clay sculpture (approx. 80 cm high) made by Noria Mabasa. The artists live and work in Limpopo, in the far north of South Africa. The sculptures were made in the 1980s.

If you are interested or know of a nice new home for these sculptures, please contact us.

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