3 iZArte Art Tours

After the gallery closed, we officially launched the iZArte Art Tours in cooperation with ‘iZArte artists’ and a South African travel agency. We organize ‘the art’, while the travel agency turns this into a great trip. Tours about art and artists in South Africa. These are trips to artists (studio visit, workshop, exhibition visit), with artists (as a guide and companion, or go with an artist to a safari park to sketch, paint, or sculpt zebras or lions in the wild), and about artists (in museums and galleries). Experience public art in both cities and towns and in nature. From art museums and galleries to sculpture gardens, to artists’ collectives and handicraft businesses, especially those with a social objective (empowerment, community development, job creation). To places and people you’d never encounter on your own. Hear the stories, experience local life, meet locals, and engage in conversation. Take everything in and marvel at your surroundings!

Travel on your own, with one of our guides, individually, or with a group. You might have already planned a trip to South Africa but would also like to add in some art and artists. Or perhaps you’re an artist yourself and would like to have a few weeks to collaborate with a South African artist. We offer customized trips. 

Interested? Please send an email to info@izarte.nl.

Then we’ll make an appointment and set to work. 

For more, see: iZArte Art Tours

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